Authentic Albuquerque 

Visiting Albuquerque allows you to experience the authentic Southwest. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Albuquerque boasts a unique multicultural history and heritage. Native AmericanHispanic & Latino, Anglo and other cultural influences are a part of everyday life. You will always know you're someplace special, whether you're eating at one of our traditional New Mexican restaurants, shopping at one of the thousands of shops and galleries around town, enjoying our world-class visual and performing arts, or playing on the best golf courses in the Southwest. Nowhere is the confluence of past and present more dramatic than here in Albuquerque, where the modern city skyline is set against a backdrop of the stunning Sandia Mountains and an endless, timeless blue sky.1

Restaurant Guide

The SMOFcon 37 Restaurant Guide is now available here.

Getting Arround

Addmittedly, Albuquerque is a car-centric city.  So many of the places one might want to visit will require a car, taxi, Uber, or Lyft to reach.

If one is driving themselves around Albuquerque, the city is layed out with addresses in four quadrents.  This quadrent system is centered where the railroad tracks cross Central Avenue in Downtown, not too far from the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque.  However, city growth means that this is not really the center of the city, with the North East and North West quadrents being somewhat larger than their southern counterparts.  Given that this is 2019, we recommend that one uses their favorite navagation software on their phone or GPS to get around.  Just be sure that if one uses an address to include the NE, NW, SE or SW in the address, since leaving it out can result in ending up in an entirely different part of town.

Public Transportation

Albuquerque does have some public transportation options availble, primarily through the ABQRide, and RioTransit, the latter mostly providing access to communities north and south of Albuquerque.  The Routes and Schedules for ABQRide can be found on the City of Albuquerque Website, here.

The long awaited Albuquerque Rapid Transit, ART, will be starting on November 30, 2019 - just in time for SMOFCon.  This Bus Rapid Transit system will be free for all users through the end of 2019, including during SMOFCon.  We have an entire webpage dedicated to ART.

1Text is courtesy of Visit Albuquerque.